Friday, 31 October 2014

Starting tomorrow

Advent in November

If you haven't already please read all the preparation posts on this blog. Start with the very first one from September and work through all the October ones.

Where can I find the PDF downloads?
All the downloads can be found on the October blog posts entitled Ponder & Prepare   Each daily post will also have a PDF download which has that day's Study, Bible Passage and Bible Verse.

Daily blog posts
We are running this blog from 1st - 25th November because if you want to make an Advent calendar it is best to make it through November so you can use it in December. You could make the journal through November and use it in December.

The PPP blog will have 25 days of blog posts. Each day will have the Advent Study and the Christmas Story. There will be a link on that post to Diane's personal blog and to mine. On our blogs you will see our responses to the study and the calendar.

How long will this blog be available?
The blog posts will be live for ever or until Google removes the blog. The linky on the blog posts is only live until 31st December. You can share your work via the linky, in the Flickr group or in the Facebook group whichever suits you. You will still be able to add to the link on the blog through December but you will have to look back through the November posts.

On your own blog
You are welcome to blog about your Advent study and/or Calendar but please put a link to Pause, Ponder & Prepare.

What are the creative opportunities here?
This Blog offers you a choice of creative opportunities. You can either do the Study or do the Calendar or do both.

The Bible verses are for the Advent Calendar. The calendar tells the story of Christmas over the 25 days. The Study is a set of devotionals with points to think about or journal about.

Should I have prepared my journal in advance?
No. Some people have been preparing everything in advance. Some people are doing it each day in November. Some people are going to save it for December. You do whatever suits your timetable.

Thanks for joining us for this time.   We hope you all find this project rewarding.


  1. Looking forward to taking part and sharing my thoughts and my creations with all of you! xo

  2. It sounds like you have put a lot of work into preparing this Bernice, I'm sure it will be a huge success. Congratulations .