Friday, 24 October 2014


This is the last of our introductory posts and today we will look at making the Advent Calendar.

Each day on the blog will be a Bible passage which will tell the story of the coming of Jesus.  There will also be one verse chosen from the passage to use on the Advent Calendar.  You can choose a different verse if you wish.

You can download all the passages and the indivdual verses now.
They will also be available on the daily download on each blog post.

Shop bought Advent calendars are often chocolate related and have little windows to open each day.  How you choose to make your Biblical Advent Calendar is of course up to you but we will be showing you over the next 25 days how to make a tag one.

There are plenty of ideas for Advent Calendars on this Pinterest board.  The great thing about finding this sort of inspiration is that you don't have to copy slavishly one idea - you can take the ideas from different people's take on the calendar and make your own.

You can buy manila tags from a variety of sources or you can cut your own from white card.  Or how about making tags from pelmet vilene and adding fabric and stitch.

You can find tag inspiration here.

You can make a set of 25 tags all the same size or you cut them different sizes.  You can choose a colour scheme for the whole set or do different colours each day as the mood takes you.

Traditional Christmas colour schemes are often
red and green         red, green and gold      red and gold
green and gold        blue and silver          blue and white
or you could choose a contemporary set of colours.

Another decision you need to make is how you are going to display your calendar.  This will obviously depend on how you choose to make it.   Bernice's plan with the tags for the advent calendar is to have one side of the tag decorated as a Christmas decoration with the number on it, with the other side having the Bible verse on it that tells the Christmas story.   She plans to put up some ribbon or twine and peg all the tags to it with the numbers facing out and then each day in December turning the tag around.

We look forward to seeing what you choose to do.   Share your creations in the Flickr group, the Facebook group or use the linky on each blog post.

You can find our preparations at Adore Him Creations and Newly Creative.

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  1. So exciting to be gathering everything together, I'm really looking forward to this study and art project. Thank you so much for sharing it!