Monday, 20 October 2014


Today's post is about the Advent Study.

Diane has written a 25 day Advent Study.  You can respond to this in many ways.

* You can read each day in November and ponder the questions.

* You can come back and read the posts in December.

* You can print off the whole study now.

* You can print each day as it comes along.

* You can cut up the study and stick it in a book.

* You can write down your thoughts that arise from the Ponder points.

* You can make an altered book.

* You can ignore it altogether and just make the Advent Calendar!

* You can make a book for the study which is also the storage for your Advent Calendar - more information on that in the next post.

You can download the whole of the Advent Study here or you can download each day's study with the calendar verses each day through November.

Diane has also designed some printouts for us to use.      Tabs & Tickets       

We have designed the Advent Study and Calendar to be useful to  you and so we are not telling you how you should use it.  You decide how you want to use it.  We will show you what we are doing but that isn't what you have to do.

You can find Diane at Adore Him Creations and Bernice at NewlyCreative.


  1. Our fellowship group is having an early Christmas party...I think I will make a journal for myself and one to giveway for the gift exchange that we are having, where each person brings a handmade gift to share and trade. Thank you for all the work and heart put into this GIFT! I am looking forward to following in November, too...but I am glad to have the whole study so I can start making the giveaway journal early :)